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Conventional pallet racking

X-PR LINE pallet racking is a conventional storage system for palletised products. The most popular, easy to maintain, and versatile warehouse solution. X-PR LINE racking system is adapted to the storage of goods of all weights and sizes. 

  • Storage in single or double rack lines – immediate access to each pallet.
  • Possibility of storing on every storage units, from euro pallets, through metal containers, to non-standard packaging.
  • The modular design allows configuring the system depending on the specific warehouse process.
  • Each pallet place may have a separate index – easy inventory control.

Maximum standard height of the system


Maximum load per 1800 mm long beam


Maximum standard depth – beam to beam


Maximum standard beam width

Manufacturer of pallet racks

We are a manufacturer of pallet racks. We cooperate only with proven and experienced suppliers. We have our own Design Team, Technology Integration Team as well as Research and Development Team. We implement warehouse solutions throughout Europe.

The row pallet racks offered by our company have modular design – we provide availability of many types of columns and beams. The system can be designed to store a variety of loading units.

The design of the racking system depends on the specifications of the load, safety regulations, the type of equipment intended for handling the racks and the individual expectations of the customer.

Warehouse Development eXperts

WDX is a provider of innovative storage technology – from concept to implementation. We design, produce and supply our customers worldwide with tailormade logistics solutions.

Our core activity are warehouse racking and mezzaines, picking and transportation solutions for all industries and automated truck loading systems.