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Boxes Handling Solutions

Automated transport lines for handling containers and parcels are built in our production plant. The conveyors are adapted to be installed in racking systems and to cooperate with devices for warehouse operations.

As producer and integrator of industial automation solutions we deliver high-performance material handling solutions for various industry. We offer tailor made technology systems:

  • Automatic transport lines for cartons, boxes and collective packaging
  • Automatic sorting lines
  • Automatic systems for palletizing cartons and boxes

Warehouse transport infrastructure designed by us is integrated with IT systems for warehouse flow of goods and storage.

Production of conveyors for boxes and parcels

  • We offer driven and gravitational conveyor lines – systems built from roller conveyors are used on sections of lines for horizontal transport, picking and buffering of containers or other unit loads.
  • Belt conveyors are widely used in moving unit loads on production lines. In inter-operational transport and warehouse transport – used in particular where level differences occur.
Scalable intralogistics automation systems

Scalable intralogistics automation systems

We implement intelligent warehouse automation systems. Our offer is addressed to companies optimizing their internal logistics processes and to integrators of intralogistics systems.

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Q Automation Solutions

Q Automation Solutions

WDX’s proprietary technology, which allows you to fully automate the storage process — from receipt, to release of goods.